Daily Arati

About Arati:

Daily Arati is offered at the Badri shrine by volunteer sevaks.

The links for Arati procedure and lyrics for all the chanting are available below.


Please sign up to offer Arati on a regular basis or on your special celebrations and seek the blessings of Lord Badrinarayana, Lord Shiva, Shri Rama Parivar and Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.

To sign up send an email with your preferred date to aratibadrinarayana@gmail.com.


Calendar shows all available dates but more than one person can offer the Arati any day.



  • Weekday Arati time is at 7 pm (in Summer; Winter timing would be updated).
  • Saturday time is flexible (please contact Rashmi ji / Girija ji)
  • Sunday Arati is offered with the whole congregation at noon.


Shrine @ Chinmaya Mission Chicago (Badri) 11S080, S. Rt 83 ( Kingery Hwy), Willowbrook, IL – 60527


For any questions please call Rashmi Mehrotra 630-360-5369 or Girija Sivakumar (630) 781-9639

Daily Arati Procedure:

Badri Shrine Opening & Closing steps; and Arati Procedure

Daily Puja & Arati Audio Link:

Shlokas, Shri Rama Ashtottra Namavali and Aratis to be chanted during the daily puja vidhi at Chinmaya Misson Chicago( Badri) center.

Play this Audio Link

00:02 – Invocation & Shanti Mantra

01:05 – Dhyanam

02:18 – Shri Rama Ashtottra Namavali

11:42 – Veera Maruti

13:17 – Chinmaya Arati

15:07 – Shri Rama Arati

17:44 – Jaya Jagadisha Arati

22:25 – Conclusion

24:48 – Puja Ends