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Levels – 1, 2 & Spoken Classes

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The Mananam Series of books is dedicated to promoting the ageless wisdom of Vedānta, with an emphasis on the unity of all religions.



Monthly Bhajan

Jun 8, 2024 : 6:00 pm

Venue: Residence

Host Family: Smt & Sri Sudharsan Iyengar

Contact: +1 646 678 7040


CMC-Badri Sevak Opportunities

We are happy to announce that Chinmaya mission Badri is re-starting food drop off .

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Gita Chanting

Gita Chanting Competition : Apr 13, 2024

State Competition : May 18, 2024


Chapters 1-18 by Swami Brahmanandaji

CMW Gita Chanting Website

Welcome back to Gita Chanting coaching sessions for the year 2023-2024

Classes will be conducted through Zoom.

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Bala Vihar® & Shishu Vihar

  • In Bala Vihar®, the rich cultural heritage of India, including moral values, are taught to children and youth at different levels, using the medium of stories, drama, arts, crafts and discussion. Children are also taught popular Bhajans and Slokas. Chinmaya Mission centers have become models for teaching India’s rich spiritual heritage and the fundamentals of Vedanta to the next generation. Chinmaya Bala Vihar classes are organized into different grade levels from pre-KG to Grade 12 to match the child’s learning ability with the teaching material and techniques.

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Vishnu Sahasranamam
Summer Camps
ACT/SAT Coaching Classes
Rudram/Chamakam chanting

Geeta Ch 7 - Insights for Self-Development

Practical application of the Geeta in Daily Life

Secrets for a happy life - from the Bhagavad Geeta