Gita Chanting

The Gita, which teaches the Supreme Truth and the art of living, has inspired millions of people including great world leaders and achievers. Chinmaya Mission conducts Bhagavad Gita competition in all the centers located world wide for children, youth, and adults which consists of thousands of participants each year.

Chapter 2- Sankya Yogah

Chinmaya Mission West – Gita Chanting Website

Chapter 2 – ( verses 1 -20) –  audio & pdf
Audio Recordings of all 18 Gita chapters by Swami Brahmanandaji

Gita chanting competition dates and timings:
1. Local 1 competition for chapter 2 verse no. 1 – 20 –  Saturday Dec. 5,  2020
2. Local 2 competition for chapter 2 verse no. 21 – 39 –  Saturday April 17, 2021
3. Regional competition for chapter 2 verse no. 1 – 39 –  To be announced

Bhagavad Gita chanting competition Dec . 05 2020 

  1. Competition is on December 5th at 1:00 PM
  2. Competition will be conducted on Zoom
  3. Participants are grouped as follows:

                 a.      Group A – PreK/KG
                 b.      Group B – Grades 1 & 2
                c.       Group C – Grades 3 & 4
                d.      Group D – Grades 5 & 6
                e.      Group E – Grades 7 & 8
                f.        Group F – Grades 9 to 12
                g.       Group G – Adults

  1. Three judges are assigned for each group mentioned above
  2. All participants are expected to memorize first 20 verses from chapter 2.  Participants will be asked to chant only six selected verses from the 20 verses. One of the judges will prompt the participant by chanting first quarter of the verse. 
  • In Group A (Pre KG/KG), participant is expected to chant from memory six verses beginning with the prompted verse.  Judges will stop if  participant continues chanting after  six verses
  •  For rest of the groups, participant is expected to chant three verses from verses 1 to 10 and another set of three verses from verses 11-20.  For each set, one of the judges will prompt by chanting the first quarter of the beginning verse.   Judges will stop if  participant continues chanting after three verses
  1.  Range of verses is randomly picked by the judges at the time of the competition.
  2.  “Arjuna Uvacha” or “Sanjay Uvacha”, or “sri Bhagavan Uvacha” must be chanted if it is in the range of verses
  3. Chanting of introduction (“om sri paramathmane namah”…) and conclusion (“Om tat sat……”) is optional.  No points are assigned.
  4. Judges will score based on the following:
    a.     Completeness
    b.     Pronunciation
    c.     Clarity & delivery
    d.     Confidence
  1. If a participant gets stuck, judge will prompt once
  2. Participants must close their eyes when they start chanting
  3. Participants will be provided with the Zoom link and time slots they are allocated
  4. Additional Zoom details to follow later
  5. Results will be announced at 6 pm on the day of competition
Gita Chanting Program
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