Gita Chanting

About the Program:

The Gita, which teaches the Supreme Truth and the art of living, has inspired millions of people including great world leaders and achievers. Chinmaya Mission conducts Bhagavad Gita competition in all the centers located world wide for children, youth, and adults which consists of thousands of participants each year.

Currently we are teaching Chapter 3- Karma Yoga

Resources: For Audio Recording, please visit Chinmaya Mission West

Gita Chanting     
 TeacherClass Schedule Teacher Info 
Session : 1Sudha GouthamaMon. & Thurs.
7pm – 8pm
Session : 2Ramesh TuruvekereMon. & Thurs.
7pm – 8pm
Zoom630 423

Gita Chanting Competition held on Apr 15, 2023 : RESULTS

Gita Chanting Competition: Dec 10, 2022 (Saturday): RESULTS

Chant Gita and enchant Bhagavan Sri Krishna.