Spiritual Growth

What are the signs of spiritual growth?

When a man finds in himself the ‘love towards God’, enjoys talking, hearing about and singing of God, he can be understood to be growing spiritually.

satatam keertayantah mAm yatantah cha drdhawratAh
namasyantah cha mAm bhaktyA nityayuktAh upAsate ||9.14||
“Always glorifying Me, striving, firm in vows, prostrating before Me, and always steadfast, they worship Me with devotion.”

Indeed, to adore an ideal with reverence and devotion, and to sing His glories, at all times, continuously, is the silent act of a mind that has fully opened up to appreciate the ideal that one has learnt to glorify. Just as a blue street light adds a blue tinge to the colour of the dresses of all those who pass under it, irrespective of the actual colour of their various dresses, so too, in the blaze of Divine Awareness, even criminal thoughts rising in that mind would gather the golden hues of godly perfections. Just as moth-balls kept in a wardrobe protect all the clothes kept therein and keep away all the worms, so too, the constant Smarana of the Divine Nature of the Self protects the human personality from the destructive worms of its inner negativeness.