Glory of Gita

What is the Glory of the study of Geeta?

A sincere student of Geeta is transformed within himself and is freed from all unrest in him.

adhyeshyate cha yah imam dharmyam samwAdam Awayoh
jnAnayajnena tena aham ishtah syAm iti me matih ||18.70||

“And he who will study this sacred dialogue of ours, by him I shall have been worshipped by the “sacrifice-of-wisdom,” such is My conviction.”

Even those who read it superficially will also be slowly dragged into the very sanctifying depths of it. Such an individual is, even unconsciously, egged on to make a pilgrimage to the greater possibilities within himself, and naturally, he comes to evolve through what Krishna terms here as “Jnana Yagna.”

In a Yajna, Lord Fire is invoked in the sacrificial trough and into it are offered oblations by the devotees. From this analogy, the term Jnana Yajna has been originally coined and used in the Geeta. Study of the Scriptures and regular contemplation upon their deep significance kindle the “Fire-of-Knowledge” in us and into this the intelligent seeker offers, as his oblation, his own false values and negative tendencies. This is the significance of the metaphorical phrase Jnana Yajna. Therefore, here the Lord admits but a truth in the Spiritual science when He declares that those who study the Geeta – contemplate upon its meaning, understand it thoroughly – and those who can, at the altars of their well-kindled understanding, sacrifice their own ego-centric misconceptions about themselves, and about the world around them, are certainly the greatest devotees of the Infinite.

When a rusted key is heated in fire, the rust falls off and the key regains its original brightness. So too, our personality, when reacted with the knowledge of the Geeta, is chastened, since our wrong tendencies, unhealthy vasanas and false sense-of-ego which have risen from false-knowledge (Ajnana), all get burnt up in Right-Knowledge (Jnana).