Quotations from Gurudev’s Writings – Page 4

Mind at rest is the Temple of Joy. So long as it is gurgling with its desires, passions and attachments in its stormy surface, the signature of joy gets ruffled out.
Some act till they meet obstacles, others act inspite of obstacles and conquer them; but some act not fearing the possibility of some obstacles, that might arise enroute.
Live morality before you talk of it. Practise meditation before you preach it. Taste goodness before you recommend it. Gain bliss before you offer it to others.
Spiritual unfoldment cannot take place merely because of an intellectual appreciation of the theory of perfection. Evolution takes place only when a corresponding change in the subjective life is accomplished.
There is no destiny beyond and above ourselves; we are ourselves the architects of our future.
All disturbances and challenges rise not only from our relationship with others, but in our attitude to all other things and beings.
Charity is an attempt wherein I try to expand and bring into the ambit of my life, all others around me and grow to consider the other man’s needs and requirements as important as my own personal needs. To live seeking an identity thus, with at least those who are immediately around me, is to live away from the suffocating selfishness and the throttling grip of my body-consciousness.
We like someone because, we love someone in spite of…
Flood your mind with love. Look into the eyes of the other and embrace the person with whom you have quarreled. Words are not necessary. Both will have their eyes flooded, and the joy of tears will wash away all quarrels.
The God-Man functions as a true ‘sportsman’ in his playfield, where the very enjoyment is in the sport and not in the score.
A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.
Mind can make a hell of heaven. Or a heaven of hell.
There is no companion like solitude. One who knows how to tune himself to the inner silence, even in the midst of the din and roar of the marketplace, enjoys a most recreative solitude.
Seek the Lord In the smiles of your friends, In the glow of angry eyes, In the storms of passion. He is everywhere, in everything.
The real men of achievement are people who have the heroism to fuel more and more enthusiasm in their work, when they face more and more difficulties.
Character is formed from the repeated choice of thoughts and action. Make the right choice – You shall have a firm and noble character.
The glory of life is not never falling. The true glory consists in rising each time we fall.
The greatness in an ideology is not, in fact, in the ideology; but it is in the subject which lives that ideology.
Out of purity and silence come words of power.
When opportunity knocks, We are either out or sleeping in.
To be patient means to suffer something that hinders or hurts us, and still retain our self-composure. How many difficulties, with their consequent unpleasantness and discord, could be smoothed over and almost entirely eliminated by patience. Patience always elevates and strengthens our character. We need it not only with others but also with ourselves.
Yoga is skill in action.
The secret of action is to get established in equanimity, renouncing all egocentric attachments, and forgetting to worry over our successes and failures.
To define God is to defile God.
Prosperity is like wine, which goes to the head, and makes man forget his Creator.
Adversity, on the contrary, sobers him and reminds him of God and his Glory.
The tragedy of human history is decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts.
History is full of instances, wherein, victory would have been to the vanquished, if only they had battled a little longer! We often fail for lack of perseverance in our efforts. We leave our work half done in our impatience. Every job demands its quota of efforts. Never give up too soon.
Disappointment can come only to those who make appointments with the future.
The spirit of Advaita is not to keep away from anything, but to keep in tune with everything.
To listen is not merely to hear. We in life, hear but very rarely do we know how to listen. To Listen is to hear, with an intellectual alertness and attention of awareness.
In life, the glory lies not in the quarry, but in the chase.
The success is not in the trophy won but in the race run …
One single ideal can transform a listless soul into a towering leader of men.
The average man looks up at night And sees thousands and thousands, of twinkling stars, Each different from the others. But a man of wisdom and achievement, Perceives the one light, Behind the dark dome of the night-sky, Whose incandescence peeps at us, Through all the holes in the night-dome!!
To see the one in the many is the casual vision of knowledge. To see the many in the one is the mission wisdom.
To do your job even if circumstances are not conducive, is our gift to Him-who is the sole Lord of all circumstances.
Become quietly effective.
Don’t expect them to fully understand you. They won’t: So ? Demonstrate with results what they  would not understand with words !
To give love is true freedom; To demand love is pure slavery.
When the time of judgement comes, we shall not be asked what we have read but what we have done.
Spirituality is neither the privilege of the poor nor the luxury of the rich. It is the choice of the wise man.