12:15 PM – 1:00 PM on Sundays
September 22, 2019 – May 15, 2020

Grades 2-8 (child must be able to multiply)
Purpose: to develop mathematical reasoning ability by solving complex word problems
Those interested can sign up online:
Please click here to pay by CC only   For payment by cash/checks pay to one of the coordinators listed below directly.

Please contact:
Chair Advisor: Dr. Krish Revuluri

Mr. Ramu Adusumilli (ramu.adusumilli@gmail.com or Phone: 773-318-8824)
Mr. Abhijit Joshi (abhijit_joshi@yahoo.com or Phone: 312-296-1477)
Mr. Siva Ramamurthy (siva.ramamurthy@gmail.com or Phone: 630-258-2960)
Ram Achar (kmsrachar@gmail.com, 630 236 3292)
Format: Students will be exposed to problems of varying degrees of challenge from several sources.  For grades 6-8, the primary source will be Math Counts.

Grades: 2 & 3 Teachers:
Sujala Joshi (email:Iamsujala@gmail.com or 630-920-3775
Srivani Potnuru (email:vanikonchada@yahoo.com or 630-670-3584

Grades: 4 & 5 Teachers:
Abhijit Joshi (email:Abhijit_joshi@yahoo.com or 312-296-1477
Ramu Adusumilli (email:Ramu.adusumilli@gmail.com or 773-318-8824

Grades: 6 & 7 Teachers:
Siva Ramamurthy (email:Siva.ramamurthy@gmail.com or 630-258-2960
Venkat Potnuru (email:Vpotnuru@gmail.com or 331-201-8814

Grades: 8 & 9 Teachers:
Ram Achar (email:Kmsrachar@gmail.com or 630-414-2393
Praveen Bharati (email:Sbpraveen@gmail.com or 630-447-0608