Inspired Leadership, a Satsang and Q&A with Amar Shah

 Inspired Leadership, a Satsang and Q&A with Amar Shah  – At Badri on Saturday, February 2nd at 7pm 
This event is open to students 16+ (high school juniors and seniors)

Inspired Leadership: A Satsang and Q&A
Leadership is not just relegated to the executives of large companies or elected officials. Everyone has moments of leading, whether as a contributing member of a student organisation, an emerging professional in a fast-paced culture, or even as a young parent. Clarity and conviction of thought cultivate the internal equipoise necessary to carry ourselves and others forward through adversity. Please join us on February 2nd as we explore ways to build and expand our community through inspired leadership at all stages of youth.

About the Speaker
Amar Shah is a graduate of the 3rd Residential Vedanta Course in Trinidad. An Illinois native and Northwestern University alumnus, he was driven by a quest for self-development and higher knowledge to study under the guidance of Pujya Swami Prakashanandaji. Returning to serve Chinmaya Mission, Amar seeks to share his insights from his journey with the vision of bringing healthy, intelligent thinking to all.