Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

Integrating Timeless Indian Wisdom With Contemporary Knowledge

‘One Knowledge’ refers to the timeless wisdom that encompasses spiritual and scientific subjects. This is a universal knowledge that connects objective sciences with inward transformation, culminating in a vision of oneness and unity.

‘One World’ indicates that this knowledge is not just for Indians. It is especially relevant to today’s world. Technological advancement has led to greater wealth and a higher standard of living in most parts of the world. Despite this, we see stress, imbalance and discord in the world around us, and many social and ecological structures may be at the brink of collapse. This knowledge can help people from all backgrounds to lead a more prosperous, peaceful and purposeful life, and help restore balance and harmony in the world.

 “The Gurukula system in ancient India was seen as the art of nurturing fine human beings”

How can you help?

We are looking for an army of 5,000 sevaks across North America to serve as ambassadors in a crowdfunding initiative. Ambassadors will raise awareness of CVV among your friends and family and ask for contributions. We suggest taking out few minutes of a day during the course of the crowdfunding campaign to reach out to people from your network.

Each Ambassador will have a designated page where donations made through their outreach efforts will be automatically updated.  The funds that Donors offer will be facilitated by Chinmaya Education Fund (CEF) USA which once received will be distributed to CVV India. Each donor will receive an official tax receipt by CEF USA

Ambassadors will be trained in crowdfunding, and will be provided marketing materials and messaging to make communication simple. The program has been designed to be as seamless and easy as possible.

Timeline for crowdfunding in USA

August 1 – September 1: Chinmaya Ambassador Registration and Training

September 10: (Ganesha Chaturthi): Crowdfunding Campaign Commencement

October 15: (Vijaya Dashami): Campaign Completion


Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) was conceptualised in 2016, the birth centenary year of the inspirational visionary and founder of Chinmaya Mission, renowned Vedantic master and teacher par excellence, Swami Chinmayananda. On 16 January 2017, CVV was notified as a Deemed-to-be-University under the ‘de novo’ category.

It is no secret that the world needs leaders who can make a positive, sustainable impact on the world. But few educational institutions are able to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to face today’s challenges.

Chinmaya Vishvavidyapeeth is different. It takes a holistic approach to university education, one that truly prepares our future leaders to go beyond their normal limits, deep within to understand and tackle the most complex challenges and trials that we face. By combining disciplines both enduring and cutting edge, individuals who graduate from Chinmaya Vishvavidyapeeth won’t just think about their own selfish pursuits but will consider all of us.

Your pledge will help change the course of history. Your pledge will leave a positive, sustainable impact on the world.


Revolutionising education by building Chinmaya University’s new state-of-the-art campus.

Chinmaya University’s mission is to blend the time-tested wisdom of India with contemporary knowledge. This unparalleled institution offers an array of courses to ensure graduates will not only become leaders of extraordinary achievement but will hold the key to creating a brighter future for us all. Support this brand-new initiative by contributing to building a new state-of-the-art campus over 40 acres of land in Kerala.

Providing life-changing opportunities for deserving students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to study at Chinmaya University!

Chinmaya University’s scholarship fund is committed to providing high-quality education to as many as possible and offers scholarships both as a reward for student’s academic achievements and as a way to provide financial support.

Donations will be facilitated by CEF ( Chinmaya Education Fund) a 501(c)3 non-profit. CEF will distribute funds to CVV India. Tax receipts will be issued by CEF through the crowdfunding platform.


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