Shiva Purana Saptah

Detailed Program

Panchakshari Homam: A special request

  • Homan sponsorship devotees are requested to chant “Om Namah Shivaya” Japa DAILY until the day of Homam.

  • The Homan offering is the culmination of the Japa Sadhana.

  • Swami Shantananda ji had communicated a Sankalpa for all devotees to chant 500,000 times as a preparation for Shiva Purana Saptah.

  • The Sankalpa was communicated by Swamiji at the end of Ramayana Saptah last year.

  • There is still time to start chanting now, irrespective of the count.

  • Everyone is encouraged to participate irrespective of the suggested donation.


At Chinmaya Abhyudhaya for a nominal Cost

Contact: Sri Mahesh Chandramouli (630) 301 0795