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About Chinmaya Mission Bala Vihar

"The purpose of Balvihar is to impart values to the children and art of right thinking among the youth".

  • To inculcate in our children and youth a reverence for our ancient culture, and inspire them to live up to it with correct understanding.

  • To create self-confidence so that they are able to serve and act cheerfully.

  • To generate personal discipline, dynamic leadership, and true affection in all their contacts.

  • To develop a healthy resistance against temptations in the environment in which they grow.

  • To provide an atmosphere to grow with noble ideals, healthy emotions and physical discipline.

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    Why Chinmaya Bala Vihar

    • Chinmaya Bala Vihar program imparts knowledge of our ancient culture, and inspires them to live up to it with correct understanding
    • Children learn timeless values
    • Children learn how to make value-based choices
    • Children learn how to think and act

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