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Stuti Vandana

Swamiji's Address

gurudev Hari Om! Blessed children and parents:

'Stuti' in sanskrit means glorification. Stotras are hymns which seekers use to glorify god, to fill the mind with divine vibrations.If one praises god who is beyond all expectations, one becomes completely free from pride, arrogance and attains godhead. "Stuti Vandana' is a collection of famous stotras put together by our mission members, for instilling the idea of humility in our children's mind.

Children will receive a medal for each stotra that they have memorized. When the child correctly completes the current year's Bagavad Geeta chapter, he or she will automatically be awarded the Stuti Vandana medal for that chapter.

When the child has memorized all the stotras, he or she is awarded the final plaque with Pujya Gurudev's signature on it. In this program every child is a winner for life.

I request all of you to help your children learn the stotras, which is the best way of imparting the cultural values of our motherland. May Pujya Gurudev's blessings always be with you and your family members!

Hari Om!

stutivandana Guidelines for getting a Stuti Vandana Medal:

  • There are two programs--Stuti Vandana I and Stuti Vandana II.
  • There are a total of 16 medals each for Stuti Vandana I and Stuti Vandana II.
  • One medal will be given for each Stuti listed.
  • Once the stutis are memorized, the children can chant to their class teacher during regular Bala Vihar sessions.
  • The Stutis should be chanted with clarity and correct pronounciation, and they should be complete as given in the Hridi Bhavayami book.
  • Children who need more than 1 prompt and make 2 pronounciation mistakes will be asked to repeat chanting the stutis in order to be eligible for a medal.
  • Stuti Vandana I must be completed before beginning Stuti Vandana II.
  • 1 plaque each will be given for Stuti Vandana I and Stuti Vandana II.
  • A special plaque will be awarded by Pujya Swamiji to the student who completes all 16 stutis.

Children are advised to follow the tune for the stutis from the Stuti Vandana CD (Both Stuti Vandana I and Stuti Vanadana II CD's are available for purchase).
Audio and PDF files for Stuti Vandana I and Stuti Vanadana II can be accessed from the link here: Badri Chinmaya Mission Chicago.

For additional information, please contact Vyjayanthi Adivi at cmpinformation@chinmayamissionpeoria.org.