Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 9 - The Royal Secret

Verse 22, 23

chapter 9 verse 22chapter 9 verse 23

22. To those men who worship me alone, thinking of no no other, to those ever self-controlled, I secure for them that, which is not already possessed (yoga) and preserve for them what they already possess (ksema).

23. Even those devotees, who, endowed with faith, worship other gods, worship me alone, O Son of Kunti, but by the wrong method.


Verse 24, 25

chapter 9 verse 24chapter 9 verse 25

24. (For) I alone am the enjoyer in and the Lord of all sacrifices; but they do not know me in essence, and hence they fall (return to this mortal world).

25. The worshippers of the devas or gods go to the devas; to the pitrs or ancestors go the ancestor worshippers; to the bhutas or the elements go the worshippers of the bhutas; but my worshippers come to me.