Mahasamadhi Puja

The culmination of five blissful days of spiritual study, satsang and reflection will be on the 3rd of August, Pujya Gurudev's Mahasamadhi day. On this day an elaborate puja will be conducted as a humble homage to our beloved Gurudev, who lived a life of sacrifice and service and touched the hearts and lives of millions with unconditional love and boundless compassion.

It will be a truly blissful sight to see hundreds of like minded Chinmaya devotees with hearts welled up with devotion for His Holy feet, join hands and hearts together in reverent worship.

On this auspicious sadhana day, may we sing His Glory, chant His name in japa, meditate on His divine qualities and hail 'Jai Gurudev!' invoking Him in our hearts.

Below is the Purpose and Significance of Mahasamadhi camp in Pujya Guruji's own words:

"This camp gives an opportunity to all our members to come together and pay homage to our Pujya Gurudev, remember Him and derive great inspiration from Him to live a noble life of sacrifice and service. It also gives the opportunity to remember Him, His spiritual vision, meditate and abide in that knowledge."