Inspirational Satsangs with Acharyas

Association with sages leads one to liberation. Such association should therefore be cherished. Along with the practice of self enquiry, such association is more potent than any other spiritual discipline. - Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi

At this camp you will find an inspiring array of spiritual teachers who are easily approachable and very welcoming to anyone who comes to them for spiritual guidance or even just a friendly chat. Each Acharya is unique and every one of them is deeply knowledgeable and extremely endearing. On each day of the camp there will be small group sessions with several different Acharyas on various topics such as parenting, householder life, managing stress, managing wealth, etc. This would be an ideal forum to get all those questions in your mind clarified and listen to their valuable views and advice in a personalized setting.

Swami Shantananda (Princeton , NJ)

Swami Shantananda is the Acharya of Chinmaya Mission New Jersey, and senior-most Acharya in the United States. His talks are infused with humor and wonderful insights into life and people. Swamiji will be conducting Guided Meditation from verses of Nirvanashatkam. He will also be conducting other special workshops (Adult Study Groups, Balavihar Teachers Training, Graceful Aging for Seniors and Devi Group)

Swami Ishwarananda (Los Angeles, CA)

Swami Ishwarananda is the resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission Los Angeles. He is known for his dynamic speaking style and immense depth of knowledge.

Swami Sharanananda (Chicago, IL)

Swami Sharanananda is the resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission Chicago. His joyful exuberance and enthusiasm is contagious and uplifting to all that come in contact with him. He will be conducting Yoga and youth camp.