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Chinmaya Birth Centenary Celebration Series
Birth Series 2 CoverBook 2: Vedanta: His Words His Legacy.
Swami Chinmayananda, known the world over as Gurudev, walked, talked, and lived Vedänta. Many called him a living Scripture. This book offers a glimpse into Gurudev’s spiritual vision, his teachings, a nd the vast legacy he left behind — the worldwide organization called Chinmaya Mission, through which the priceless knowledge of Vedänta is being taught.

In the first part of this book, we are presented with Gurudev’s teachings of Vedänta in encapsulated form as seen through the eyes of a fictional character named Maya. The story is fictional, but the dialogue is true to G urudev’s spirit, and the quoted words are his own.

After the story ends, the book takes us on a tour through some of the many Chinmaya temples and altars around the globe. Then we take a close look at the Sandeepany Institutes of Vedänta, which Gurudev established for in-depth teaching of Vedänta and are now considered to be one of his greatest contributions to the world of spirituality. Personal stories abound, relating to us many of the inspiring journeys of those who studied there. The book ends with a look at the future vision of Chinmaya Mission.

A true Guru’s words live on, far beyond the time he spent in embodied form. Swami Chinmayananda is a living Scripture today and is destined to remain so for untold generations to come.
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