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Chinmaya Birth Centenary Celebration Series
His Legacy:
He has provided many opportunities for us to manifest His Glory by starting the many service organizations. These various projects furnish a field for our sadhana so as to purify our minds and realize the Truth and oneness of the Self with all beings. In remembering His great work and His vision we get inspired to serve humanity at all levels.
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He Explored the Wisdom In his quest for the Divine, Balakrishna Menon’s first step was a trip to Rishikesh to the ashram of Swami Sivananda. Life would never be the same for this spiritually kindled young man in search of spiritual evolution. With the blessing of Swami Sivananda, he sought one of the greatest masters of his time, Swami Tapovan Maharaj of Uttarkashi. He devoted the next several years of his life to an intensive study of the scriptures under the Master.

He Experienced the Divine
His actions rose from the fullness of his heart and out of love and compassion for all beings. His tireless work was not only to benefit the people of the present generation but also geared to bless generations to come.

He Transformed Lives
He began his first yagnya in Pune with just a few listeners, from there the audiences grew to thousands. He popularized the Upanishads and the Gita in English to audiences of all casts, creeds, and faiths. He was perceived by many as the greatest living exponent of those teachings. He was not only one of the greatest saints, teachers, and missionaries of His time, but also a great Visionary who inspired the entire world. He left his mark upon history in terms of wisdom, knowledge, dynamism, achievement, self-confidence, and a stream of laughter. He spent every moment of his life in the service of mankind. He, himself, was the best example of his teachings. His work was Love made visible. Chinmaya Mission is a spiritual movement with many activities aimed to help all individuals grow spiritually. Individual growth, in turn, blesses the community around, thus leading to world improvement through individual improvement. Thus, he renewed in the hearts of people the age-old truth of universal love and goodwill.

These special Mananam books will honor Gurudev’s legacy as a Vedantic Master, Visionary, and Missionary, who inspired and transformed the lives of countless people around the globe. Publishing Dates Two books will be published semi-annually beginning May 8, 2011.The series will be completed in May 2016 to commemorate Pujya Gurudev’s 100th Birth Anniversary. You Can Help We are looking for anecdotes, memorable conversations, any interactions you may have had with Gurudev, or anything beautiful that he may have said, either published or unpublished. We are also looking for personal photographs. Please share these personal treasures so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

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