Annual Vedic Heritage Summer Camp – FAQs

What is the theme of the summer camp?

Each grade level from Pre-K to Grade 12  will have a separate class taught by Swamin-s/Brahmacharin-s and Vedanta Course Graduates. Students will participate in a variety of sessions, including satsangs on Srimad Bhagavatham, yoga, workshops, hands-on activities, group discussions, arts and crafts, music, Stotram chanting, and Vedic chanting.

What are the summer camp dates?

This program will take place over 10 days from Aug 4 – 13, 2021

EST – 11am – 1pm

CST – 10am – 12 noon

PST – 8am – 10am

Will we have any holidays?

There are no holidays during the camp days

I would love to volunteer for the camp. Who do I contact?

Kindly submit your volunteer request at

Which grade will my child be enrolled in for the summer camp?

Students must register for the grade that they are in during the current 2020-2021 academic year at their respective schools. For example, seniors graduating from high school in Spring 2021 will register as twelfth grade students in this program.

My child is under 5 years old. Can they still register for camp?

Yes, we have Pre-K also included for the camp and so you can register.

What if I want to register more than 3 children on one form?

Please contact Suresh Kumar (630-362-0104) to register additional children (more than 3) after you complete your registration.

My child has special needs. Will they be able to partake in camp?

Yes. We welcome all children to camp. Please do fill out the details in the registration form and we will assist as best as we can.

I live outside the United States. Can I register for this summer camp?

This camp is open for everyone, irrespective of the location of residence as this is a virtual camp. The timing announced will be US Central time and accordingly the local time zone has to be identified.

Are non-Bala Vihar families allowed to attend this summer camp?

Yes and they are encouraged to join all the fun!

How will the summer camp be conducted?

The camp will be conducted via the Zoom platform and is fully virtual.

Is there a registration deadline?

We strongly encourage early registration as limited spots are available. Registration will close as soon as all spots are filled so please register at the earliest to secure your spot!

How much is the summer camp fee?

The registration fee for the10 days camp is $100 for families with one participating student and $100 per additional child. The registration fee is non-refundable.

May I attend the summer camp partially?

The curriculum is based on a 10 days instructional plan so students are encouraged to attend the full-camp.

Will the sessions be recorded in case I can’t make it to a session?

The sessions will not be available to the students for any reason. Students may inform their teachers before the planned absence to receive any missed class materials.

Can I pay for only some part of the summer camp?

The fee is for the entire program and cannot be divided by day.

Is the summer camp fee tax-exempt?

Yes. We will send you an email with the relevant information following registration.

I have registered for summer camp but we are unable to join this year. Can I get a refund?

Yes, if for any reason a participant is unable to join after registering, then a full refund will be provided. If the camp has commenced and after attending one or two days, if a participant is unable to continue, then no refund, even partial, will be made.

For any other questions please contact:

Rajul Bhallala at 847-302-2383 (or)